Paradise Gonzalez

paradise gonzalez, originally uploaded by Paradise Gonzalez.
This was almost a guerrilla style shoot. Very little time and lot's of models. There were 11 models for the whole session and we had to shoot in less than three hours. Gosh. Fortunately all the girls of the group are super nice and fun to work with. And we came out with some great images.

Ozzy in Manhattan

paradise gonzalez, originally uploaded by Paradise Gonzalez.

Este es mi queridisimo amigo Ozzy Amelotti, un gran caballero al que quiero mucho


Leah Shesky

paradisegonzalez, originally uploaded by Paradise Gonzalez.
Today's work. Leah Shesky is a talented actress singer with beautiful features. She's easy going and an amazing person to work with. We had lots of fun during the session and ended up with beautiful photos.
Thank you Leah.

Artistas Mexicanos

Retratos de la nueva generacion de artistas mexicanos


Paradise Gonzalez Photography




During my visit this nice gentleman host me at his delightful apartment...

Crossing the street can be a nice adventure... But it's very similar here...

Mexico city

This image is from my last trip to Mexico City. This men play their instrument at downtown, very near El Zocalo. It's a nostalgic music that remains deep in your hearth

Guitar player


The Start

1...2...3... Testing... It's a lovely thursday morning, cup of coffee and e mailing included. Waiting for the confirmations for tomorrows shooting. Some days are just that, waiting, preparing, getting ready. Because the next day you wake up surrounded by lights, microphones, cables, art directors and models, and your mind has to be ready, your eyes wide open, your hand steady. That will make the beautiful photograph.